Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the MCCA?

A.  The Minnesota Career College Association (MCCA), formed in 1958, represents private institutions of higher learning delivering career specific education accredited by agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education. 
  • Advocates at the state and federal level on behalf of career-minded students to ensure choice and access to higher education;
  • Supports educational excellence among its member institutions through peer networking and professional development opportunities;
  • Actively promotes the values of career-focused higher education.

Q.  How many members belong to the MCCA?

A.  MCCA represents 27 campuses and 11 college systems across the state of Minnesota.

Q.  How many students are served by MCCA members?

A.  Member institutions, in the fall of 2014, served over 13,000 students, offering programs from the certificate/diploma level through graduate degrees.

Q.  What is the makeup of the student population?

A.   On average:
  • 70% are full-time students
  • 39% are students of color
  • 68% are women
  • 73% are over the age of 25 years

What is the financial need of students?

A.  Sixty percent of career college students have an Expected Family Contribution of $0. Approximately 60% of students at MCCA member schools qualify for the Minnesota state grant.

Q.  Who are MCCA's stakeholders?

A.  They are:
  • Non-traditional adult students – Most likely attended other colleges and transferred credits to the MCCA college.
  • Employers – Actively involved in “Program Advisory Committees” to ensure that our graduates possess the skills needed for employment.
  • The Community – We are active participants in the local chamber of commerce, Rotary and other service organizations and join in community service projects.
  • The State of Minnesota – We partner with other sectors of higher education on task forces and study groups to improve the education delivered to the students.


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