Breakout Session: Classroom Leadership – What our Students Want and Need From Us

Joe Vanasse

Presentation Description
Our behavior in the classroom and that of our students is in direct correlation to what we bring to the table. This session will speak to the issues and challenges educators face in the classroom with a diverse student body and even more diverse learning styles, and how we can better control the teaching climate.

Joe Vanasse is currently the Program Chair and Lead Instructor for Globe University’s (Downtown Minneapolis Campus) where he serves as the department head in charge of adjunct faculty for the criminal justice program. He oversees Program Advisory Meetings that work to keep program relevancy and is responsible for curriculum committees for the criminal justice program. In addition, he instructs multiple courses within the criminal justice department.

Prior to Globe University, Joe Vanasse worked for the Department of Homeland Security (TSA) as a Behavior Detection Officer where he supervised multiple security details for foreign dignitaries as well as national, state, and local government officials, performed security analysis of an international airport and identified vulnerabilities and designed and implemented a specialized screening team that performed security assessments and details throughout the entire airport and surrounding grounds.

Joe started his criminal justice journey in United States Air Force, and is a former Military Special Operations Unit Member. He was the Lead Training Instructor for a unit of 30 Special Operations members and was considered a Close Air Support (CAS) Subject Matter Expert. Joe deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was involved in direct combat operations overseas.
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