2013 Professional
Development Conference

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2014 Conference Breakout Topics:

Louise Griffith - Are You Worth It?

Annie Meehan - Leading the Team with Vision

Kellirae Sebwe - Change Is Good

Chris Armstrong - Abductive Reasoning: Applications for Course Development and Learner Outcomes

Larry Doty - Student Engagement, Retention and Choice

Meredith Fergus - Statewide Longitudinal Educational Data System (SLEDS)

John Daley - Using iPad for Student CRM; Enhancing Student Engagement

Nicole Caselius - Soft Skills

Stacey Severson - The Value of Feedback: Students, Faculty and Staff

MCCA_Professional_Development_Application 2014.docx
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Attention presenters - benefits of presenting include:
  • Resume Builder
  • Opportunity to promote your institution
  • Overcoming the fear of speaking in public
  • Sharing your expertise to help others

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